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People who are good at writing lyrics can get paid to write lyrics for a living. There are many different ways to find work as a lyricist, and it’s important to explore every opportunity that is available to you. In today’s music business industry, lyric writers could get paid in many ways. One way is to work with a music publisher and earn royalties every time your song is played on the radio, or even start your own publishing company! Whatever your interests are, there are many opportunities for lyricists-don’t be afraid to explore them all.

What is a lyricist?

When it comes to songwriting we tend focus on who wrote the music and not on who wrote the lyrics. When you look closer you will see that a hit songwriter will not always write their own lyrics. On many occasions they will work with a lyricist. For example look at the success of the songwriter partnership of Elton John and Bernie Taupin.

Bernie Taupin contributed most of the lyrics for Elton John’s songs, and today their music is worth millions of dollars. In fact in the music business it’s not so uncommon to see music produced by a lyricist or even an artist who doesn’t know how to play a single instrument!

Songwriting is about music, lyrics and melody. You can have the best music in the world but if your song doesn’t have any lyrics it will be hard to make a good hit. Therefore you must question how important are music only or music with lyrics?

Now when music producers work on collaborations they often want lyrics, too. The music industry is not just about music but also lyrics.

A lyricist writes the words to a song, usually with a composer. Some of the most famous songwriters throughout history have been team-written by composers and lyricists. If you’re a good writer and have a way with words, this might be the perfect career for you.

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How to become a lyricist?

There are many different ways to become a lyricist. One of the most obvious ways is to write music yourself, but many music artists have help from songwriters they meet along the way. You don’t need music to be able to hone your skills however it does help.

If you make music, look up music publishers in your area and see if there are any opportunities for songwriters to team up. Another option is looking into music labels that are open to publishing songs written by their employees or freelancers.

If you plan on working with professional artists and producers, it might be a good idea to get some experience writing songs. You can start by writing lyrics free of professional pressures; it’s not the end of the world if your creative juices aren’t flowing just yet.

You can reach out to producers or beat makers (like myself) and ask them to collaborate on a song. Make sure to go about it the right way- professional producers are really busy so you’ll need to be respectful of their time.

If you live in a larger city or metro area, there are many opportunities to volunteer your lyrics for songwriter events. This is a great way to network and meet other lyricists looking for work. There are also professional organizations that you can get involved with such as Songwriters of North America.

What makes a great lyricist?

A great lyricist is someone who has mastered their craft. It’s important to be able to write lyrics with substance and should not be dumbed down. A good songwriter will create a story for the listener, and should do it in a way that everyone can understand.

Writing skills are probably the most important factor when becoming a successful lyricist. A good lyricist should be able to put their feelings and thoughts into words in a way that the average person can understand and feel the same emotions they do.

Imagery, metaphors, emotions are easy for great lyricists to embed into their songs. It is important to be good at writing lyrics because most great composers will not waste their time writing simple lyrics.

It is also important to be able to come up with great ideas that the average listener can appreciate. Great lyricists don’t just write about romance or falling in love. They can write great song that anyone will appreciate because your great idea is relatable to audiences all over the world.

As a start a professional lyricist should be able to write a song that captures the attention of a music artist, and convinces them to record it. If you want to become a professional songwriter, make sure your lyrics are professional quality and match the style of the artist or producer you’re collaborating with. It’s important to be flexible and able to write any genre of music- no matter what type is hot at the moment.

How much do lyricists make?

The average salary for an experienced lyricist with great writing skills is about £41,791 and $72,759 a year.

It’s possible to make more if you have great connections with artists and producers looking for great lyrics that they can use in their songs for a songwriter credit.

A great lyricist should be able to make a great living doing what they love! The reality is it’s not always about how great your lyrics are – there are other factors that come into play.

It is possible to make a great living as a lyricist, but you have to be patient and work hard at honing your skills. If you’re great at writing lyrics it will eventually pay off, but don’t expect to get famous overnight or anything like that!

It is not uncommon to find great lyricists on music labels who are making close to six figures a year because of the great songs they are writing.

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How can you get paid to write lyrics for a living?

There are many different ways to get paid as a lyricist. You could find a job with a music publisher and earn royalties every time your song is played on the radio, or even start your own publishing company! Whatever your interests are, there are many opportunities for lyricists-don’t be afraid to explore them all.

When you write a song, you retain rights as a lyricist to sell or pitch your songs to artists and music publishers. If a publisher likes the material they can sign a contract with you, giving them ownership or part ownership of the song. In return for this ownership transfer, royalties are paid every time the lyrics are played on radio/tv/film or placed on an artist’s album.

It’s no secret that royalties are one of the best ways to make money as a musician or lyricist. Royalties vary from song to song, but every time your lyrics are played on the radio royalties will be paid out to you! Songs can generate royalties for years, so it’s important to hold onto royalty rights and maintain ownership-you can sell it at anytime if you’d like.

How royalties are paid is usually based on the songwriter’s royalties rate. One of the best places to go for royalties information in the United States is The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. Here you can find answers to royalties FAQs, royalties calculators, royalties payment calendars, and more!

What are royalties and how do they work for songwriters?

Royalties are performance rights paid for the use of song lyrics by music artists. Royalties can be generated in various ways, including film/tv placements and performances on the radio.

When your songs are recorded onto an album, performance royalties will be generated if the album is played on any type of radio station or platform (such as Apple music).

Performance royalty

The performance royalties industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. In 2015, performance rights organizations generated over $2 billion dollars in performance royalties from various platforms.

In order to get paid you have to register your songs with a performance rights organization in your country of residence. In the UK have a choice of registering the performance rights with either PRS or PPL (this is like ASCAP & BMI in America).

Music artists should be obligated to pay performance royalties every time they play your lyrics on the radio. This performance royalty is distributed to various performance rights organizations, who distribute it to their registered members based on how many times their songs were used.

Mechanical royalty

Mechanical royalties are another type of royalty payment that is generated in the music industry. One mechanical royalty example would be when a song is physically copied by pressing onto vinyl or CD format-something you can hold in your hand!

Every time a mechanical license is given to the pressing of your lyrics, mechanical royalties are generated.

When you sign up with a mechanical rights organization, you’re able to get paid every time one of your songs are sold in physical format. The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers have provided memberships for songwriters since 1914.

Royalties can be very complicated so we will save that for another article.

Copyright is important for music writers because it gives the music rights to the owner of that material. Copyrights can be transferred or sold, which makes copyright a great way to get paid for music writers.

In order to have copyright protection you must have your music copyrighted with a global music registry such as ASCAP , PRS , MCPS and GVL .

Copyright protects music lyrics or music notes from illegal use and sharing without the music creator’s permission. This includes digital platforms such as YouTube, which can be very important for music writers who hope to to make a living off of their music career.

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Music publisher

A publishing company purchases the rights to music and lyrics. This is by offering writers a publishing deal. These music publishers may have their own artists on their music label, or they may be an independent music publisher working with songwriters all over the world.

Music publishers often work closely with music labels so if you can get your songs in front of a music publisher it’s possible for them to pitch

Another music industry opportunity is to approach music publishers who are looking for new songs. Music publishers hold catalogues of music lyrics that they can either sell or pitch to music artists.

Music Publishers work with music artists, producers, and songwriters in order to get their music onto major platforms such as TV shows, radio stations and adverts.

Music publishers are always searching for good music, it doesn’t have to be written by just one artist or band! Sometimes they may use lyrics that are submitted from songwriters to develop music for a different music artist that is signed to them.

Staff writer

A staff writer is someone who is employed by a music publisher. They are often paid an annual salary, along with receiving royalties on music they have written for their music publisher. There are other deals where songwriters are offered exclusive or non exclusive deals with music publishers.

TV/Movies/Video games

Many music makers ignore the opportunity of getting their music onto a TV show, movie or in video games. Working with artists or producers to produce a song will open Tv sync opportunities. Music publishers also receive music from music artists and pitch this music to music supervisors in TV & movies. If music supervisors are interested in using your music and lyrics, they will work out a deal with you in order to use your music in their TV shows or feature films.

Sheet music

The music industry offers many opportunities. One music industry opportunity is to sell your music as sheet music-a way for music artists and fans to learn how to sing your lyrics.


Publishing a website with articles about music lyrics could help you generate royalties from online advertisements. You can also start an online blog that discusses music lyrics from music artists.

Songwriter Opportunities

If you’re a music artist and lyricist, one of the best ways to make money as a music lyricist is to write your own songs. You can earn royalties every time your song is played on the radio. If you record an album of your music, you can generate royalties by making it available for sale on Apple music or any music platform that downloads music.

Songwriter royalties

Songwriter royalties are when music artists pay to use lyrics they’ve written. If you own the copyright to your music, it means you can record deals anytime you like without having to worry about infringing on the rights of other music writers.

Anytime one of your music lyrics are sold to music artists, you’ll get paid royalties. Songwriters earn money every time their music is used in live performances-on the radio, TV shows and in film scores.

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Collaborate with music artists

One of the best music industry opportunities is to collaborate with music artists. Many music artists produce music in their home studios and for small projects that don’t require a full studio. If you’re a music creator and lyricist, just submit lyrics to various music artist and see what happens! It’s a great opportunity to get your music out there. Also, if music artists are looking for lyrics, they will search through music publishers sites, beat selling websites or music writing sites!

Reach out to music artists and music producers in your local music scene to see if you can write music lyrics for them. Many music artists struggle with writing music, and are looking for a record deal, especially those who are just starting out. So if music artists need lyrics written, they’ll often buy it from music writers or work with songwriters to create original songs!

Start your own publishing company

The most lucrative music lyricist opportunities involve starting your own music publishing company. By writing music for music artists, recording music of your own and working with music publishers, you create music that other music writers can use to generate royalties by selling these lyrics or licensing them to other music artists.

Many music lyricist start their own music publishing companies because it is a way to improve earning potential and control over music music lyrics. Start your own music publishing company by securing music rights and pitching them to bigger music publishers.

Record labels

Reach out to music labels for music creator opportunities. Records labels are always on the lookout for music artists with music lyrics that would be good for their music label roster. So if you’re a music creator, don’t be shy about reaching out to a record label.

Music libraries

Music libraries will pay music artists for music lyrics to add to their music library catalogues.

How do music publishers pay lyricists?

Music publishers are companies that work with composers and music artists to find them representation for their music. If you’re signed with a music

How can you promote your lyric writing and songwriting skills?

Social media

You can leverage social media platforms like Facebook, instagram, Tiktok and Twitter etc to promote your music lyrics. Social media is one of the best things you can do to promote anything nowadays. Its reach is endless!

Some examples of how you could do this could include. Writing your own lyrics over existing songs and challenging someone to sing them if you cant do it yourself, add your lyrics to moving emotional images or videos and sharing them on a music lyricists social media, watching music videos and writing your own music lyrics to the same video then post it online for music industry discussion.

Publish songs

You can publish music on an online streaming service. Online music platforms are websites that host music files. They often allow music artists to add their own custom songs or music lyrics. Some music lyricists leverage music streaming to get their music out there and earn money from music royalties.

Lyrics writing contests

Find a music lyricist contest that fits your music style then submit your lyrics to them! Music artist collaborate with music lyricists all the time, so you can find an opportunity if you look hard enough.

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Music artist forums

Go to music artist forums and post music lyrics that music artists could potentially use for music. You can also visit music forums to see what music artists are looking for music creators. This will improve your chances of being noticed by music artist looking for music creator opportunities!

Music writer associations/networking groups

You can find music writer or music lyricist associations that put on music industry networking events. This will allow you to meet music artist and music publisher looking for music creator opportunities.

Freelance gigs

Find music creator opportunities working as a music writer. If you have the opportunity, do music lyrics for music artist videos, music channels and music artists looking for music lyricists to write music lyrics. Reviews for your work can then be used to promote your skills.

Music lyricist marketplaces

You can find music lyricist opportunities on online marketplace websites that allow music creators to sell their music writing services or buy music lyrics from music writers.

Music creator news sites

Find music artist looking for music writer opportunities by signing up to music creator news websites that allow music writers to submit music writing samples and music lyrics in the hope of getting a job.

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Get your music created by professional music producers

One of the best ways music lyricists make money is to get music created for music lyrics. There are tons of music producers (Like me out there waiting for music artists to submit music for them to work with. If you do music lyrics for music producers, you could make music royalties every time your music is played!

You can go one step further and be proactive and contact music producer directly offering them rights to use your music lyrics. Remember, you are providing the lyrics content! The production of the song is out of your hands and up to the professional music producer and artist.


Below is a list of websites that provide valuable resources and services for music artists.

Tai Andrews

My own website. You may get access to free instrumental music by signing up for my mailing list. This gives you plenty of free music to practice your lyric writing skills on.


This music and lyrics creator website which allows people to buy and sell lyrics.


This is a music industry website that allows music creators to find music industry opportunities. This includes music creation jobs and music creator freelance gigs.


Airgigs is a website that music creators use to sell lyrics. If you’re a music creator or music lyricist, this is a great music industry opportunity.


An online rhyming dictionary. This music site provides music lyricists with an extensive list of music words that rhyme.

The Unsigned guide

An online directory of music industry music companies. This music site provides a lot of artists valuable access to music lyricists with music company contact information and an idea of the types of music artists they work with.


The key to getting paid to write lyrics is to firstly keeps writing. developing your skills so that you can write great songs. Most importantly of all, never stop looking for opportunities to work! Keep applying for opportunities until you find one that suits your style. You could even start your own music company! The more work you do, the better chance you have of succeeding in the music industry! Please share this article on how to get paid to write lyrics and if you found it useful.

All the best

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