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Beat producers compose instrumental tracks for many genres including rap, hip hop, pop and R&B for artists to rap over. Beatmakers should have good knowledge of music theory and be able to create melodies, harmonies and different types of beats. beat makers work in teams often with other talented people such as producers, writers or singers so they can collaborate on a finished product.

Beat producing is a highly skilled job that takes years of dedication and hard work before you start making serious money from it so don’t quit your day job just yet!

What is an instrumental beat?

An instrumental beat is a pre-produced music track that consists of drums, bass and typically no vocals. These beats are used by artists to rap, sing or perform over. The main difference between an instrumentals beat and a song with vocals is there are no lyrics in an instrumental. Instrumental beats are often referred to as instrumentals, instrumentals beats or beats.

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Record Producer vs Beat Producer

There is a big difference between a beat producer and a record producer. The role of a record producer is to oversee both the whole recording process and the way that the song sounds in it’s final form.

A record producer will usually be in charge of choosing all songs, organizing studio time for musicians and hiring engineers to help them with the recording process.

Afterwards they will be responsible for assembling all of the different parts recorded by each musician and engineer.

In addition to this, a record producer is also in charge of making sure that the recorded music sounds as good as possible through selecting equipment, ensuring that everyone knows what they are doing and giving directions to musicians about how to play their part correctly.

A record producer will also be mainly responsible for mixing, which is the process of adjusting the different parts recorded by each musician and engineer so that they all blend well together.

Although there are some beat producers who will also take on some of these roles if their particular track demands it, beat producing is primarily about making instrumental tracks for artists to rap over.

What does a beat producer do

Beat producers have to produce music their own beats that the performer wants to rap or sing over so they need strong musical knowledge. A beatmaker should have an understanding of music theory, rhythm and beat pacing as well as being able to develop interesting instrumental hooks for people to rap or sing over.

A Beat maker will often work with a rapper or musician who provides a rough demo beat for them to work on. They will then need to create a beat that is both original and interesting enough for the artist to want to rap over it.

To do this they must have strong knowledge of music theory, rhythm and beat pacing as well as being able to develop interesting instrumental hooks that artists want to rap or sing over.

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The skills beat producers need to have

1. A good knowledge of music theory – beatmakers should have a very good understanding of music theory, rhythm and beat pacing. This way you can come up with different musical ideas needed for modern music.

2. An understanding of different types of drum patterns and how to create a drum pattern.

3. Being able to develop melodies, harmonies and create instrumental hooks for people to rap or sing over

4. The ability to use a DAW (digital audio workstation) software such as Logic, Pro Tools or FL Studio – beatmakers should have an understanding of music production software such as Logic Pro, Reason etc.

This helps beatmakers to use beat making software to create their beats. beatmakers need to be able to understand how the beat making software works and know when it is more effective than just using beat producing hardware such as drum machines, synthesisers or samplers.

5. Strong communication skills – Not everyone has the ability or talent to be a successful artist and when you are collaborating with people it is important to be able to work well with them. You have to have excellent interpersonal skills in order to get along with other artists so that you can create a successful track.

6. Skills in time management and multi tasking – It is important for a beatmaker to be able to juggle multiple projects at once and turn around beats quickly. The more beats you make the better chance you have of getting your work heard by other artists who may want to use it. remember, you could be working on not just your own project but also multiple artists projects too.

Different types of Beat producers

Every successful music producer has their own unique style, but there are several different styles of beat making. If you want to be a successful beat maker you should find your own speciality and produce the type of beats that really showcases your own personal sound. Some producers specialise in particular genres while others blend lots of different genres

My experience with being a beat producer

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Born and raised in London. I have been began producing music and beats in school. I started out very young when I was taught music theory and production by my music teacher at school. So I have been a music maker for many years.

After doing music theory for a while, I got my first music production software which was Cubase. Although basic, back then it helped me to learn how music production software works. This is the software I learnt to produce my first beat.

Time to learn

Whilst learning music production software, I taught myself how to play piano and a little bit of guitar. At the time I did not really know what music theory was but I knew when certain sounds and music sounded nice. This showed me that music is something you can learn rather than just knowing it from experience.

After learning the basics of music production software, I then began writing my own melodies and harmonies. So I was able to write songs with other people rather than just produce beats.

After getting some experience in songwriting, I still wanted to produce beats. So I got more advanced music production software such as Garage Band and Logic Pro which helped me pick up other skills needed to be successful. One such skill is learning to be at minimum a basic mix engineer.

After learning all this music production software, I learnt how to produce beats on different kinds of hardware such as drum machines, synthesisers and samplers. This provided me with even more experience in making beats which has definitely helped me become a better beatmaker.

Having fun

Repetition is the best way to learn. And having a good time makes repetition considerably easier. The first time I sat down to produce a beat I was just buzzing with excitement. I wanted to do it over and over again because it was that fun for me.

I knew nothing about what made beats sound like they did but I knew that beat making was the first time in my life where creating something with music felt right.

I don’t need to tell you how pleased I was with the final product, but it wasn’t because of that that I was happy. It was when I made a beat and knew it sounded good; this is what gave me pleasure.

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What do you need to produce beats?

  1. A music production PC – good laptops with good internal sound cards are good enough when starting out. However as you make bigger and better songs you will need good powerful equipment.
  2. Virtual instruments – good quality virtual instruments are always good to have when making beats. It is good enough having good sample packs but it is better to make the sounds yourself, for example try out synthesisers or drum machines which you can record in real time and tweak them to get something good sounding, rather than using somebody else’s good sounding sample pack.
  3. Software- good quality music production software is good to have when making beats, especially good mastering tools for finalizing the beat. The options are limitless with good quality software so try out different kinds of music production software and see which one you like using the most.
  4. Sample packs/Sound packs – sound packs are good to have if you want to create quality beats without having the knowledge of making the sounds yourself. Good sample packs can save time and will help you produce high quality sounding beats.
  5. Monitor headphones and speakers – having a good understanding of how your music sounds is crucial when making beats. So you will need a pair of headphones and speakers which can provide you with a clear idea of the sound.

What makes a good producer?

The first thing I think of is creativity. You need to have some kind of knowledge of how music works so you can be innovative with your beats.

For example, not many people know that the best songwriters don’t use five chords that go up and down in order to write a good song, they will find alternative ways to make the song sound good.

It is the same with making beats. You need to be creative with your sound design, melodies and harmonies in order for it to stand out from the rest of hip hop songs which are being made all the time.

Hip-Hop Producers and sampling creativity

Some hip hop producers make hip hop beats by sampling. Sampling is taking a sound (a melody, rhythm or beat) from another song and putting it into your own song to make something new. Hip Hop incorporates samples from a wide range of genres, and occasionally utilizes popular songs from yesterday to create contemporary new songs.

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My advice for upcoming beatmakers

If you are interested in becoming a beatmaker then I would recommend trying to learn your music theory. The best way to learn your music theory is by learning to play an instrument such as piano or guitar. This way you will understand how notes and melodies work together while making music.

I would also recommend trying to mix songs for other people whether they are professionally finished songs or not. This is because mix engineering skills are very important in the music industry, especially when you are producing beats.

Of course, mix engineering is completely different to beat making but it can help mix engineers to understand how beats work better. Working with mix engineers will also help mix engineers to work on tougher music projects such as recording bands and orchestras rather than just mixing songs by rappers or singers.

Self promotion and social media

In some cases, social media and networking is the way to start off your career as a producer. You can post up drum kits or sounds that you have created and slowly build a following of people who like the sound of what you are doing.

This also applies to social media videos on YouTube with tutorials on how to make songs such as beats, melodies and harmonies. This way people will start following you if they like the music that you are producing.

The social media platforms I would recommend are YouTube (make music tutorials / socialize with other producers), Facebook (keeping in touch with fans) and Twitter (post up your latest work or socialize).

How do beat producers make money?

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1. When a producer works a project they are usually production credits. This is the enable Producers make money by receiving royalties from the music they produce for other artists.

2. They can also sign record deals with record labels where they get to keep the master recording rights of their songs (also known as publishing rights). The best way to do this is by having good contacts in the industry or through production company showcases which are held regularly.

3. In order to get record deals, production companies will showcase their best beatmakers best beats to professional managers and A&R on large record labels.

4. Another way of making money is by selling your own beats online through places such as beat selling websites such as Beatstars and Soundee, airbit and Traktrain or through selling beats to independent artists.

The challenges beat producers face when starting out in the music industry

Beat producers face challenges when creating beats for artists to rap or sing over. The biggest challenge beatmakers face is not having enough experience in the music industry to get noticed by people like performers, rappers and singers.

Often the only way to get noticed is through social media such as Twitter or Facebook where beatmakers can find new musicians who are looking for people to produce their beats.

Another challenge beatmakers face is that many rappers and singers often want beatmakers to work for free or just for a small amount of money. This can be difficult because it means that beat makers need to have spare time, where they are not making any money, in order to create beats for up and coming artists who may not


Beat producers are important because they make music for singers and rappers to perform over. They often work in teams alongside producers, writers, mix engineers and A&R who will listen to their beats in order to see if the beat meets industry standards.

Because it is hard for beatmakers to get noticed without experience or contacts within the music industry; self promotion on social media is a good way for beatmakers to build up a following.

Of course, the music industry is very competitive so it can be difficult for producers to get noticed – especially if they are working in teams alongside other talented people. If you are interested in being a beat maker then I would recommend starting an account on YouTube or Facebook and making tutorials and adding them to your profile. As for beat selling websites, I would recommend Soundee, Airbit or Beatstars as these are very competitive and will get you noticed quickly by rappers and singers looking for beats.

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