How to buy leased beats

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How to buy leased beats

Music is a powerful medium. It can create an emotional response in its listeners and help them to make sense of their lives. The right song at the right time can change your perspective, inspire you to take risks or even heal physical wounds. If music can do all that, imagine what would happen if we could harness it for our own purposes? Music production has become one way many people use music as a tool to better themselves and those around them.

In this article I will introduce you to the process of buying leased beats so that you may consider using this technique as well! Buying leased beats is one of the easiest ways to get started in the music industry. Let’s explore how you can buy leased beats and what you can do with them.

What is a beat lease?

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Lease beats, which come under the beat licensing umbrella are instrumentals that have been released with licensing terms. By purchasing the rights to use a beat, you will be able to add your own vocals to it to create a new recording (song). Leasing beats is the most popular way for individuals to begin their journey into music without committing large amounts of capital or time.

Beats are not always exclusive

It is important to note that any beat you lease may be bought by another singer or rapper, depending on how popular it has become. Most leasing agreements include a clause allowing the producer to resell the beat. This does not mean that you can never use another artist’s song, only that you cannot exclusively purchase it and keep an artist from working with someone else.

Non exclusive license Vs Exclusive license

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When leasing a beat, it is important to consider whether you want a non exclusive or an exclusive license. A non exclusive license allows the producer of the beat to sell your song to other artists as well. An exclusive license ensures that no other artist can use the same beat as you for their own recording.

Non-exclusive license

The most popular form of licensing is non-exclusive. The majority of artists will find this type of contract the most useful as it is relatively cheap and still always you to stream your song online.

It’s critical to note that under a non-exclusive beat license, the same beat may be licensed to numerous artists. So be aware that you may hear several songs using the same music that you leased.

When you purchase a non exclusive rights it means that you are given permission to record and release your song on your own but you cannot resell the beat to anyone else.

Exclusive License

The buyer of an exclusive license is able to prevent other artists from recording a song using the instrumental. After you purchase an exclusive license, the song will be permanently removed from the beat store.

Those who purchased non-exclusive licenses before you purchased your exclusive license can still release their music until the terms of the license have expired.

It is important to understand the meaning of exclusive in the context of beat leasing. An exclusive license does not give you the rights to the music, only the right to record and release your song. Beats with exclusive licenses are often more expensive than those with non-exclusive licenses, but they also provide greater security and flexibility.

Benefits of leasing beats

Have you been writing the same kind of song over and over again? Or maybe one specific lyric or melody keeps

There are many benefits to leasing beats if you’re looking for a way to get started with music production. If you want to make money recording songs or making videos, leasing is an affordable means of getting your music out there. It’s also great for artists who may only be interested in one song rather than purchasing the rights to an entire album. Leasing beats also allows you to keep your options open if you want to work with different producers.

How to buy leased beats

Beat prices may vary greatly depending on producer preference who is leasing the beat but here are some rough estimates of what they cost:

$30-$300 for non exclusive beats $60-$3000 for Exclusive beats

Leased beats are usually sold in the form of digital files. The prices may vary depending on the producer you decide to work with, but it is generally more affordable than purchasing a beat outright.


Disadvantages of leasing beats

Although leasing beats is a great option for new artists, it’s important to understand the disadvantages before committing.

Non-exclusive licenses prevent you from exclusively purchasing a beat. And although the music producer may allow you to record your music over their instrumental, this does not mean they are unable to sell it to another artist before your song is ready.

It’s important to note that with non-exclusive licensing buyer and artist will not be able to negotiate the price. It is set by the producer who is leasing their beat and cannot be changed or revoked. Unless you build some sort of relationship with the producer.

The most common disadvantage of an exclusive license is that it’s more expensive than non-exclusive licensing. If you’re trying to find unique beats that no one else has, Then you would need to purchase the more expensive exclusive license.

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How can I use a leased beat?

There are many ways to a music artist can use a leased beat. For starters, you can simply rap or sing over a pre recorded beat. There is no requirement of the tone of your voice, only that it is unique enough from other artists using the same track to not infringe on copyrights!

Once you have bought a non exclusive beat you may use it for your personal and commercial projects. This allows you to release and promote your music with limits or no limits (dependent on the licensing terms).

The most common uses of leased beats include:

Tracks or mixtapes

Songs released on Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music etc… Albums or EP’s

Songs that you release with other means such as physical copies, CDs or vinyl records. Beats may be used for your music videos and other promotional materials. If the track has enough exposure it may even be picked up by artists who wish to use it commercially. The sky is truly the limit!

Beat lease agreement

When purchasing a beat license it is important that you follow the terms of the license. Many producers, including myself sell license in tiers. The more you want to do with the beat the more expensive the license is.

For example you can see that my own licensing terms go from $35 to $120 (at the time of posting) From a basic lease to an unlimited lease and each tier increases the usage terms.

Tai Andrews licensing
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Where can you find lease beats for sale?

You can buy beats here. Over at Tai Andrews Beats we have a wide variety of beats from R&B, Hip Hop to Pop, so it’s easy to find the right beat for you. You can also join our mailing list to receive free promotional beats.

Beat marketplace platforms like BeatStars or Soundee are another great way to find a high quality beat lease. There are also many producers who upload their own instrumentals on these platforms, making it easy to buy lease beats directly from them.


There are also many online forums where producers can come together and share their music. Just be careful about who you work with! Don’t use a random email address or give out any personal information until you’re sure about the person you’re working with. Look for reviews, listen to beats online for free and always ask questions if you are unsure about something.

Social Media

You can find some great deals on social media as well. There are a number of producers who will sell their beats directly through platforms such as Facebook and Instagram for a very affordable price.

Social media and content sharing
Social media and content sharing

Tips on how to make the most out of your lease beat purchase

– Make sure they fit your genre

– Try finding beats that are similar to major hits or songs you like

– Don’t be afraid to ask the producer any questions

– Always make sure the files are produced in high quality (lossless .wav, .mp3, etc.)

– Buy the right tier level license based on your own needs. Check out our different license agreements HERE


So there you go, a quick overview of how to buy leased beats. It’s one of the easiest ways to get started in the music industry and having a lot less overhead costs. So if you’re interested in turning your passion into profit, check out or get in touch with Tai Andrews directly.

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