How do I lease a beat?

1. Select Beats


Head on over to my Beatstars page by clicking the link below

Click on the Beatstars link button and select a licence >>>>

Choose a song and click +Add button to select a license

2. Buy Beats


Click on the buy now button.  You will then be given the choice the choice to pay via paypal or Stripe.


3. Download Beats


Your downloads will then be sent to the email given in your pay methods.

License Terms


Semi-professional license that is typically used by beginner artists that want to promote their song on SoundCloud or YouTube (non-monetised) 

Untagged MP3

Sell 5000 copies

Max. 100000 streams

Use for 1 music video


Professional license that is the most popular among artists that are releasing their song on platforms like Spotify, iTunes or perform with the song in live (paid) performances. 

Untagged MP3 + WAV

Sell 25000

Max. 500000 streams

Use for 1 music video

2 radio stations

Paid performances