R&B Beat Producer

Online Beat Maker

Tai Andrews is an online beat maker who has a passion for music. He loves to create new sounds and rhythms that help people escape from the everyday grind. Tai’s beats are often used by singers and rappers and other musicians to create new songs. He takes great pride in his work, and he enjoys seeing people enjoy his music.

Born and raised in London. I have been began producing music and beats in school. I started out very young when I was taught music theory and production by my music teacher at school. So I have been a music maker for many years.

After doing music theory for a while, I got my first music production software which was Cubase. Although basic, back then it helped me to learn how music production software works. This is the software I learnt to produce my first beat.

Whilst learning music production software, I taught myself how to play piano and a little bit of guitar. At the time I did not really know what music theory was but I knew when certain sounds and music sounded nice. This showed me that music is something you can learn rather than just knowing it from experience.

After learning the basics of music production software, I then began writing my own melodies and harmonies. So I was able to write songs with other people rather than just produce beats.

After getting some experience in songwriting, I still wanted to produce beats. So I got more advanced music production software such as Garage Band and Logic Pro which helped me pick up other skills needed to be successful. One such skill is learning to be at minimum a basic mix engineer.

After learning all this music production software, I learnt how to produce beats on different kinds of hardware such as drum machines, synthesisers and samplers.

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