Quality R&B Instrumental Beats - Different

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Quality R&B Instrumental Beats – Different

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R&B Instrumental Beats – Different

R&B Instrumental Beats - Different

R&B Instrumental Beats – Different. You know the sounds. The soulful, smooth R&B beats that make you want to close your eyes and sway along. Now you can get those same feel-good vibes in your own music with Tai Andrews’ premium beats! Whether you’re a seasoned musician or just starting out, these beats will help take your tracks to the next level.

  • Premium R&B Beat – Affordable and flexible beat leases for singers and rappers
  • Get premium, competitively priced beats from Tai Andrews Beats
  • Original quality music beats by professional producer Tai Andrews
  • Available as Mp3 file, Wav file and Stem files

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???? Purchase Link | Instant (No Tags): https://snd.ee/uh1 – we currently accept Paypal and Stripe (credit card)

???? Download beats here: http://taiandrews.co.uk (Free instrumental r&b beats available)

???? Watch more instrumental RnB beats https://www.youtube.com/user/TaiAndrews

???? Email: [email protected]

Free downloads available for all beats with new releases every week.

Calling all independent artists and established artists looking for a high-quality, professional R&B type beat. Or maybe you’re a content creator looking for background music. Well, Look no further than Tai Andrews! Our beats are affordable and flexible enough to fit any budget or style.

Why not sign up to my mailing list using your email address to download a free beat? Singers and rappers of all levels will appreciate our unique sound and attention to detail that goes into each instrumental beat. With years of experience, you are guaranteed to find one of our original instrumentals that meet your needs. So what are you waiting for?

Whatever type of beat you’re looking for, whether its a R&B beat, Hip Hop beat or pop beat, we’ve got you covered.

Free downloads available for all beats with new releases every week.

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Choosing an instrumental beat

One of the most important parts of making a recording. Whether you’re rapping or singing, instrumental beats add much to the final product and help you convey your message in your music.

When choosing instrumental beats for r&b music, it can be difficult to find one that best suits your song’s lyrics and style. After deciding on the instrumental beats you plan to use, you must also license them with a written agreement in order to avoid future legal trouble.

It is important to do some research first in order to find instrumental beats that terms match your desired usage.

From the moment you start to license instrumental beats, there are terms that become legally binding. Tai Andrews offers 3 different tier license all which have generous and flexible terms. Starting from a “Starter” license, our basic license to get you started and the minimum you would need to release your song legally. Next is our “Premium license”, this license includes everything the starter license has and also comes with Stems files plus higher allowances such as streams and sale. The final license is the “Unlimited” license, this is our highest tiered license and includes everything from the premium license plus no restrictions on streams or sale.

All three licenses are very affordable and the lower tier licenses can be upgraded at any time. After choosing and electronically signing your license agreement, the instrumental file(s) will be emailed to you shortly after.

If you are on a budget and open to using free instrumentals, there are many beat maker websites who offer free beats. However these only “Free” to be used for personal use and cannot be released commercially.

Some questions to consider before choosing an instrumental beat are:

-How will the song sound with this beat?

-What emotion do you want to convey through your lyrics?

-What is the meaning of your lyrics?

By asking yourself these questions, it will help you narrow down your choices and make a decision. If you are having trouble finding the right instrumental beat for your song, Tai Andrews can assist you.

email: [email protected] today!

R&B Instrumental Beats – Different

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