R&B instrumental beats – In The Moment

R&B instrumental beats – In The Moment

Looking for a soulful, emotive breakup song or falling in love forever song? Look no further than Tai Andrews’ latest release. This heart-warming R&B beat is perfect for getting over that special someone. With its rich textures and powerful rhythms, it will have you moving on in no time. So don’t wait – get your hands on this must-have track today!


💰 R&B instrumental beat: In The Moment

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  • Premium R&B Beat – Affordable and flexible beat leases for singers and rappers
  • Get premium, competitively priced beats from Tai Andrews Beats
  • Original quality music beats by professional producer Tai Andrews
  • Clear and transparent usage limits such as online audio streams and online video streams allowances

R&B instrumental beats – In The Moment

Buying beats online

Buying beats online can be a great way to get the sound you’re looking for without having to spend hours in a recording studio. By taking the time to listen to samples of the beats available, you can be sure that you’re getting the right sound for your project.

At Tai Andrews Pro Beats, we offer a wide range of R&B and Hip Hop instrumental beats to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something mellow and soulful or hard-hitting and gritty, we have the beat for you.

Why buy beats online?

At Tai Andrews beats we have a wide range of different types of instrumentals that you can purchase. Our website has been designed so that it is easy to find the type of beat that best suits your needs, whether you are looking for hip hop beats or R&B instrumentals.

You will also be able to listen to previews before buying any download, so there is no risk involved with purchasing our products. You are also given the opportunity to download any beats for free and use Youtube and Soundcloud. If you wish to monetize the beat on streaming platforms then you must purchase a license to do so.

If this sounds like something which would benefit your career then please visit our website today and get started on finding the perfect beat for your next project! Once purchased you can download your beat instantly meaning there’s no waiting around once an order has been placed – just hit record straight away! 

How much do instrumental beats cost?

Instrumental beats for sale can vary in price, depending on the quality of the beat and the producer who made it. However, most instrumental beats cost between $10 and $50 for a starter license and up in excess of $300 for a top level license.

When searching for instrumental beats for sale, it’s important to consider the style of music you’re looking to create. Different producers focus on different genres, so it’s important to find a producer who specializes in the type of music you want to make.

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How to buy instrumental beats?

The first step is to find a producer you resonate with and whose style of production complements the music you want to make. Once you’ve found a producer, it’s important to read the licensing agreement carefully to ensure that you understand the terms and conditions of use.

If you’re happy with the beats, purchase them and download the files. The producer will likely provide a WAV, MP3 file or Stem files, which you can use in your music.

Where to buy instrumental beats?

Tai Andrews Beats offer quality R&B and soul instrumental beats at an affordable price. With over 20 years of experience in the music industry, Tai has the knowledge and skills necessary to create catchy and emotive beats that will elevate your music.

Choosing an instrumental beat

Free downloads available for all beats with new releases every week.

Calling all independent artists and established artists looking for a high-quality, professional R&B type beat. Or maybe you’re a content creator looking for background music. Well, Look no further than Tai Andrews! Our beats are affordable and flexible enough to fit any budget or style.

Why not sign up to my mailing list using your email address to download a free beat? Singers and rappers of all levels will appreciate our unique sound and attention to detail that goes into each instrumental beat. With years of experience, you are guaranteed to find one of our original instrumentals that meet your needs. So what are you waiting for?

Whatever type of beat you’re looking for, whether its a R&B beat, Hip Hop beat or pop beat, we’ve got you covered.

Free downloads available for all beats with new releases every week.

  • Professional quality music.
  • Flexible license terms.
  • Get the best beats for your project.
  • Express yourself through the power of music.
  • Create tracks that touch people’s hearts and souls

One of the most important parts of making a recording. Whether you’re rapping or singing, instrumental beats add much to the final product and help you convey your message in your music.

When choosing instrumental beats for r&b music, it can be difficult to find one that best suits your song’s lyrics and style. After deciding on the instrumental beats you plan to use, you must also license them with a written agreement in order to avoid future legal trouble.

It is important to do some research first in order to find instrumental beats that terms match your desired usage.

Some questions to consider before choosing an instrumental beat are:

-How will the song sound with this beat?

-What emotion do you want to convey through your lyrics?

-What is the meaning of your lyrics?


How long does it take to get the instrumental after I purchase a license?

Once you have signed and returned your licensing agreement, the instrumental file(s) will be emailed to you instantly.

How will I receive the instrumental file?

You will receive the instrumental file via email as an MP3 attachment, WAV or Track Stems, depending on the license you purchased.

What are exclusive rights?

Exclusive rights grant the purchaser full and exclusive rights to the instrumental. This means that the instrumental cannot be sold to anyone else once it has been purchased by you.

How long do I have to wait before I can release my song?

You can release your song as soon as you receive the instrumental file. There is no waiting period.

How many songs can I make with one instrumental?

You can make an unlimited number of songs with one instrumental, however each song must be registered with a performance rights organization such as PRS, BMI, ASCAP or SESAC.

Can I use the instrumental R&B beats for my live shows?

Yes, you can use the instrumental for your live shows. (If your license allows it)

Can I release my music with FREE beats?

If you want to release your music commercially, you MUST purchase a license for the instrumental beats. Not having a license could cause legal issues in the future.

By asking yourself these questions, it will help you narrow down your choices and make a decision. If you are having trouble finding the right instrumental beat for your song, Tai Andrews can assist you.

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R&B instrumental beats – In The Moment

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